Banish The January Blues


Did you know that Monday 16th January is known as 'Blue Monday'? As we come to realise that Christmas is well and truly over and our motivational levels for achieving New Year's resolutions supposedly begin to slide, this particular day is labelled as the most depressing of the year.

If you have started to feel as though the general grey-ness of this month has got you feeling a little down, let's make a change right now. Let's make January the month of inspiration and motivation. Let's embrace the cosy weather. Let's turn 'Blue Monday' into the best Monday of 2017 so far. Why the hell not?

Venice Italy Adventures Throwback Travel

Pull out your resolutions list and assess what you have achieved so far. (If you haven't made a list then it's better now than never! Try starting with 3 personal and 3 work-related goals but most importantly, make them specific.) If improving your health is on the list but you have yet to make any positive changes, start now! Find the time to schedule in 3 workouts this week and write them down in your planner. Create a Pinterest board of healthy recipes and go out to buy the ingredients tomorrow. Do 10 minutes of yoga before heading to sleep tonight. Just do what you gotta do to get started and you'll instantly feel happier and so much more motivated!

If you are counting down the days until Summer let's face it, we have at least a couple more cloudy months ahead of us (here in the UK anyway) and there is no reason why you should let it get you down. Although picnics and barbecues are off the table, you can still enjoy the company of friends and family indoors. Why not try hosting a dinner party or weekend brunch?

Enjoy crisp morning walks.

Light candles around the house.

Start a new hobby.

Take long baths.

Read new books.

Plan an exciting trip.

Beat the blues and do things that make you happy and inspired everyday. However small they may be.

And if nothing else works, I hope this throwback photo from adventures in Venice has at least brought a little brightness to your screens ;)

Amy ♥

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  1. Love it! Despite it being blue monday, I'm back at Uni and really looking forward to getting back stuck into things!xx

    Lucy x |

  2. Love this, thanks for sharing!

  3. I live in Australia and today is the first day of the Australian Open so for me it's hard to find today depressing! Great suggestions though :D

  4. I love nice-smelling candles to boost my mood!

    Tia | The 10am Blog

  5. I actually had no idea that 16th is a blue Monday, I did light some candles though :D


  6. This is such a lovely post - perfect photo! I can't wait for the summer months and just relax! :)

    Layla xx