6 Steps to Beat the Morning Struggle


We all have those mornings where we hit the snooze button one (*three) too many times and end up running out of the door in a complete fluster, wondering if we can make it through the day in one piece. That's never a good feeling right? If you're finding it particularly difficult to get back into the swing of things following the Christmas break, you are not alone! Let's beat the morning struggle together in six easy steps.

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1. Plan and Prepare
Your outfit, your bag, everything. Just a few short minutes organising your belongings, laying out your clothes and scheduling your day the evening before will ensure that your morning runs a whole lot smoother. You can even prep some overnight oats the night before to give you a few extra minutes bundled up in your beloved duvet.

2. Get Enough Sleep
Easier said than done but really aim to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Sleep is such an important time for our bodies to rest and detox. I know from experience that lack of sleep can have a huge impact on your energy levels and mood throughout the day, so be sure to make sleep a priority if you know that you have an especially busy day ahead!

3. Set Positive Intentions 
Start each morning with a little gratitude and positivity - how are you going to make the most of your day? Reading a few inspirational quotes can really help you get into the best mind-set first thing in the morning.

One of my favourites is 'Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen'.

4. Stretch It Out
Banish morning grogginess and awaken your body by doing a few super simple stretches in the morning. I love doing sun-salutations but even a few shoulder rolls (while the kettle is boiling) will ease away any tension and leave you feeling energised.

5. Detoxify 
Starting the morning with either warm lemon water or an apple cider vinegar tonic (1 tbsp acv in a glass of warm water) will not only aid digestion but is also incredibly beneficial for your skin, immune system and energy levels.  Try to drink this at least 30 minutes before your breakfast  for maximum benefits!

6. Fuel Up
Always make time to sit down and enjoy a wholesome breakfast, whether it's a bowl of fruity porridge or some heart-healthy avocado toast. This will kick-start your metabolism and help to keep you fuelled through a busy morning. If you run out of time, be sure to pack some fruit or nuts to-go in order to avoid those (rather embarrassing) stomach growls later in the day.

Do you have any morning rituals? Please share in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you!


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  1. Stretching in the morning helps me a lot too!


  2. Oh that is such a lovely post! Lately I've been struggling with my sleeping schedule and cannot seem to wake up before 10 am. So weird. Will definitely keep your tips and tricks in mind, though!

    Love, Kerstin

  3. I always sort everything out the night before, it's a real time-saver x

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  4. Love these tips! Definitely going to have to try a few :) I find that the best way to have a productive day is to get up early and start working... otherwise I just get too lazy and stay in bed all day instead.

    Fatima x


  5. This is a really great article. Thanks for sharing the advice xx

  6. I just adapted lemon water and sleeping early. it's been good so far :)


  7. Thanks for the tips!
    This is one of my many struggles x

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